How to Evaluate Board Management Software


Board Management Software is a virtual platform that helps board members, meeting administrators, and other participants work more efficiently. Using one centralized location to store all the materials of the board and communicate makes it easier to collaborate whether your team is in the same room or spread out across the world.

It is essential to consider your specific requirements and the way you intend to use the tool when you are evaluating board portals. Some solutions are more basic than others, however all should offer the tools necessary to improve your governance process and help your meetings be more efficient. Identify your pain points by looking at the whole board cycle and what happens prior to and after each meeting. Look for vendors that provide a demo for free so that you can try their solutions.

If you find it difficult to keep track of agendas for meetings and schedules, you might prefer solutions using an online calendar tool that can keep you informed of future events. Look for solutions that let you share documents collaboratively with others during meetings, if you’re looking to add depth to your discussions. These options are beneficial to all members of the board:

The most important thing, however, is security. Your data is constantly at risk from hackers. You need a vendor that focuses on cybersecurity, utilizes layers of advanced protection to minimize threats, and also protect your information. Look for a solution with certified physical storage facilities as well as advanced disaster recovery technology and customer-managed encryption to keep your data safe from the scrutiny of others.

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