The Benefits of Sharing Documents Online

Sharing files and documents is a crucial aspect of teamwork. This includes memos, project plans HR policies software documentations, employee onboarding checklists… the list goes on. Document-based workflows are becoming more crucial as more teams embrace remote work.

Instead of restricting yourself to the 30- megabyte limit for traditional email attachments online document sharing tools allow users to share large file sizes with any number stakeholders while keeping your confidential documents safe.

With the help of granular permissions and a single source of truth your collaborators will be aware of the most current version of any disadvantages of vdr software file. This helps avoid confusion over who made changes and when.

The best online document sharing platforms come with various additional features that will help streamline your workflow. For instance, some allow you to add legally binding eSignatures on any file. Some allow real-time collaboration editing which lets you easily review and approve changes. Some even include a complete history that allows you to review previous versions of a document by simply pressing an icon.

With all these advantages, there’s no wonder that online document sharing is quickly becoming a standard part of modern workplace culture. How do you pick the right one for your company with numerous alternatives? We’ve listed a few of our favorite online document sharing tools below. Each has a distinct set of features, and each has its own unique strengths, so the best choice for you will ultimately depend on the type and nature of files you’re planning to share and your preferred workflow.

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