How to Access the Dark Web

The internet is like a giant iceberg, with different parts more or less visible. The surface web is the portion that is above water, and accessible to all and access. The deep web is the part that is below the surface, requiring more special diving equipment to reach. The dark web is a lot deeper as it is a place where there are hidden illegal activities.

You can access the Dark Web by using a special program and browser. Tor is the most well-known, as it connects to a system of servers that manage your internet traffic to prevent you from being monitored online.

Visit the official Tor website and download the version compatible with your operating system. Once the program is installed, run it and follow the directions to start browsing. Just remember that there’s a major difference between browsing sites on the Dark Web and participating in criminal activity on it.

If you’re surfing the Dark Web, be sure to use a VPN that has obfuscated servers to prevent deep packet inspection which is a technique used by ISPs and governments to monitor Tor users. A great choice is NordVPN that offers Obfuscated servers, as well as other security features that protect your privacy.

It’s important to remember that if data breaches occur your personal data could end in the Dark Web for anyone to purchase. That’s why specialized tools like Norton 360 Deluxe Dark Web Monitoring are vital to protect your personal information. These tools monitor your personal information to be sold on the Dark Web and help you immediately take action if it’s discovered.

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